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Netflix’s Death To 2020: Funny But Kind Of Unnecessary

by Jurmane Lallana

The Beardict: 6.5 out of 10. We’re finally at the end of the year, and Netflix’s Death To 2020 reminds us how hilariously bad it was and how the actions of certain people made it even worse. While the mockumentary with a very agreeable title has good zingers and bits of excellent dry humor, do we really need to relive all twelve months of a terrible, terrible year?

For what it’s worth, the colorful cast of characters and their commentaries make going through the events of 2020 more bearable. The standout performances were from Hugh Grant (Tennyson Foss and his sci-fi/fantasy references) and Cristin Milioti (Kathy Flowers is the new Karen). By interviewing the ten fictional personalities (majority of whom are depicted to be untrustworthy), Death To 2020 demonstrates that the level of misinformation all over the world is pretty high, and it’s hard to find a reasonable voice.

Jokes aside, Death To 2020 points out things we already know: Billionaires and influencers thrived while the general public suffered, and those who had the power to make things better didn’t. The average person was left miserable or ignorant or both. LOL. The mockumentary dwells on Western authorities a lot–I found this quite entertaining but it might not be relatable to someone who doesn’t follow US politics too much.

With character names like Bark Multiverse, Pyrex Flask, and Dash Bracket, Death To 2020 obviously doesn’t take itself too seriously. Everyone’s just happy to leave 2020 behind, but if you’d like to take one last look at the last 365 days before forgetting they ever existed, then maybe this satire is for you.

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