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Netflix’s Girls with Balls: Irreverent and Campy

by Jurmane Lallana

The Beardict: 6 of 10. Need a campy horror comedy movie you know you’re not going to lose any sleep over? Give French movie Girls with Balls (2018) a try.

At best, you’ll laugh out loud at the over-the-top violence and cartoonish scenarios presented. If all else fails, then at least you would have supported the beautiful Camille Razat (Camille in Emily in Paris) in a past project. Win-win, right?!

In Girls with Balls, an all-female volleyball team travels via trailer and ends up in the middle of nowhere, where they fall prey to a cult-like group of weirdos .

What I like about Girls with Balls is it is very straightforward about what kind of movie it’s going to be–survival horror with a lot of gory scenes that will make you chuckle. I mean, just look at the poster below. At the start, it even has a random dude singing that a lot of the characters were going to die. Talk about not having any pretense. Haha.

The first half of the film focuses on the dynamic the girls have with each other. There’s not enough time to give each character much depth, but we kind of get a sense of who has a chance of surviving the nightmare about to unfold in the second half.

During the chaos, there are a lot of things unnecessary and illogical but it doesn’t really matter. Gratuitous carnage is the name of the game. The random deaths are certainly amusing for dark comedy enthusiasts. The most realistic thing in Girls with Balls is that as athletes, our volleyball players do have an increased chance of fighting off psychos with masks. This has reminded me yet again to reduce carbs, just in case, you know, the world ends.

Girls with Balls was probably suggested to me by Netflix’s algorithm because of my recent crime documentary binge and my streaming of The Cabin in the Woods (2012)–which, by the way, is bonkers on a whole different level.

No need to put your thinking cap on for Girls with Balls. It’s basically a bunch of “friends” trying to hack and slash their way out of a forest full of creeps. The movie doesn’t take itself seriously and you should not either. Just get some popcorn and enjoy the bloody ride. I know I did!

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